Saturday, 16 September 2017


MTK Engineering Mode  allow you to run Advanced Setup from Engineering Mode Menu of MTK phones, also called SERVICE MODE

It don't need your position like Mobileuncle tools..

it will work only on MediaTek based Phones..

Use the secret menu carefully..
if you don't know what you are doing... don't do it!!

It's main uses:

IMEI Tweaking is now a household name for geeks that rock free and cheap browsing in their respective phones meaning that it is no longer a new thing but so many people are still lost and confused on how it is done. Some are afraid of bricking their phone in the course of tweaking IMEI and some don't want to break their phone warranty bond. Anyway you see it,
IMEI Tweaking is a requisite if you really want to gain any free or cheap browsing cheat available.

                           DOWNLOAD HERE

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