Friday, 29 December 2017


1.Live internet connection
2.Phone📱 or 💻 computer

Step one.

Launched your web browser
And open this website

Step 2
being a new user click on sign up

Fill the form

Now select sign up and wait for the page to load

Step 3
Now select any of the option available
Facebook profile
Facebook app

Now create your page

Fill to create your pageđź‘Ś

Step 4

After filling the form select create

Now select"click here"

Step 5

Copy the link and send it to your victim( the person you want to hack)

In sending the link you must be smart in telling of lies.
Eg. click on this link login into your Facebook account and get 500 likes on your photo.

After sending links you wait to get a victim if someone falls in the trap.
You log in into your shadow wave account and check here.

You can enable notification so that if you get a victim in your trap you go for nice harvest.

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