Saturday, 23 December 2017

How to Hack Another Whatsapp users

How to Hack Whatsapp 👇👇👇👇👇👇

Follow the instructions below for Hacking the Whatsapp account with simple tricks:-

NB: please this is for education purpose, you are responsible for your action.

1. Using Whatsapp Cloning (Simple Method)

This is most useful and the beginner trick to hack WhatsApp messenger. Only you have to take your victim’s smartphone only one time. Follow the steps below:-

1: – Start from the scratch, Make sure your victim have WhatsApp on their phone.

2: – After that, Download the Whatsapp Clone App from Playstore.

3: – Install this WhatsApp Clone app into your own Android phone.

4: – Now you have to get your victim’s phone once, and go to His/Her Whatsapp Messenger.

5: – Now, open your own Android in which you have installed Whatsapp clone App.

6: – There you will found a QR code on your Android phone in Whatsapp Clone App.

7: – From Victim’s Whatsapp Go to Option and Whatsapp Web.

8: – There QR scanner will be open and Scan your QR code which you have opened in Whatsapp clone app. that’s all.

9: – Now, you have access to victim’s Whatsapp account & you can spy on WhatsApp in real time.

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