Sunday, 10 December 2017

How to install Kali NetHunter on any android device?

hey everyone what's up?

The offensive-security did not port nethunter for any android device.

But if you use this method you can install kali nethunter on any android device!


By this way you can just use the kali chroot. it means wireless hacking,HID Attack's and..... NOT WORKING!

What's we need?

1. 8GB or above internal storage
2. custom recovery
3. cyanogenmod 12 or above

(The File)

Go to the kali nethunter download page and download One Plus one's NetHunter (do not download for nexus !)

Unzip the file using winrar or 7zip in a folder and remove the "anykernelzip folder". after removing,repack the files ito zip format using winrar or 7zip.

copy the new zip file into your sd card or phone storage and flash it using your own custom recovery.

after reboot do not open the nethunter terminal!

first you most open the kali nethunter program (dragon icon) for verify the kali chroot.
after verify,just open the kali nethunter terminal and enjoy

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