Thursday, 4 January 2018

Easy way to root Android 6.0 and above.

Did you ever want to root your Marshmallow or Nougat Android operating system?
Worry no more.
Apps like KingRoot will give you 400 requests. KingoApp will always give an error message. Others will tell you not supported.
Google increased the security of the Android Daemon Shell that boots in the bootloader and thus normal /system root won't work.
What is /system root?
System root is where the /system partition of Android is modified to get root access. While this process is risky, noting that if you brick your device your warranty is gone, and at most cases the root is irreversible with factory reset. It's called the permanent root.
Thanks to our developers Chainfire who invented the Super User binary root admin for your rooted device.
The new method known as Systemless Rooting is perfect and you can easily unroot your phone and get back your warranty.
This is how it's done.
1. Download latest file from Chainfire or
2. Put any of the zip file in a suitable device storage
3. Boot your phone into recovery mode. As for me I will press the vol+ and power button for some seconds and release.
4. Select install update from your suitable storage and tap any of the zip file.
5. Flashing the zip file will give you a Systemless Rooting for your Android 6 or 7 OS.
6. After flashing your phone, reboot and your phone will be rooted.

Consider backing up your custom image which will be a recovery in case of damege.

Using Systemless Root
Just like the X-Posed Installer and Framework, Systemless Rooting uses Magisk Manager.
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